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PotM Calendar Terms of Use

The Photo of the Month Calendar is free of charge and open to amateur and professional photographers during the last two weeks of every month. Those wishing to show their work on the calendar must be over 18 years old and do so under a shared interest agreement. Calendar slot requests can be made until all twelve places for the current year are taken. The subject matter can be as diverse as the natural world itself including landscapes, plants, wildlife, captive wild animals; rock, wave and cloud formations; the night sky or weather in any background, style or setting e.g. black and white, colour, abstract or macro. However, as there are only twelve places available, applicants are allowed only one request per month and must ensure their submission does not contain or consist of the following:

- Images with links unsuitable for children.
- Images inappropriate to the theme of the calendar or the content of this website*
- Images sent as original RAW files or original full sized JPEGs.
- Images taken with little skill, time or effort, i.e of poor picture quality.
- Images of nesting birds taken with lenses less than 500mm
- Images of birds on feeders; farm animals and domestic or exotic pets.
- Images that clearly feature faces; vehicle registration numbers; house names and door numbers as well as company names or logos.
- Images owned by a third party.
- Images created using fabricating software.
- Images taken indoors using studio photographic equipment.     
- Images found to be a second entry made within the same month.
- Images sent before or after the opening and closing times for submission.

*Note too that depictions of certain kinds of animal behaviour such as mating, defecation and the killing of live prey may also be in breach of these terms if considered to be too graphic, explicit or unsuitable for children.  

To request a place on the calendar, email a scaled down 800*600 JPEG landscape (3:2 ratio copy) of your photo (preferably watermarked) with a titled short narrative of where and how it was taken in no more than 250 words, excluding any names of those with you at the time. Please include details of any calendar events and page links you might have, stating whether or not you’d like to have your entry deleted or archived at the end of its run. Although one link will suffice, you’re allowed a maximum two e.g. one for your photo and the other to your name. Your events will be published on the next site update. As soon as your calendar slot becomes available, your picture will be posted with your name and photo linked to your online location free for that month. At the end of which, your photo and details will either be deleted from the site or archived as per your instructions.

Please read all the FAQs before completing the form below.
Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my rights once I submit a picture?
Regardless of any and all terms, you retain complete ownership of your images. You therefore have every right to say how they're to be used on this website and entitled to withdraw your entry or request its removal or deletion at any time, even after archiving. However you DO NOT have the right to swap a picture once it has been placed on the calendar. Should you request its removal before the end calendar date, you also forfeit any remaining time that was agreed to show it.

Why was my story edited?
Although editing is kept to a minumum, when it comes to the written word most of us don't have perfect grammer or spelling. Obvious mistakes can be picked up by any writing software but some like Grammarly are better at finding them than others (its why we use it). However, a story can also be edited to make a page fit for ad space, or if it exceeds the maximum two hundred and fifty word limit.

I don’t have the software to watermark my picture. Is that a problem?
No. Unless you specifically say so, any unmarked image destined for a place on the calendar will be watermarked for you. Should you wish to show your picture unmarked it will still be credited to you in the accompanying text along with any links you might have.

Do I need to send a link with my photo?
No, you don’t need to provide any links. You don’t need a personal website or social media account either. Your photo alone will do, but to gain any sort of online interest in your work as a photographer it's best to provide a link if you have one. At the very least you'll be required to provide a valid email address to link with your name and photo story.

There are only twelve places. How do I know if any are available?
The number of places available as well as the opening and closing times for submissions are published on the PotM Your Events Space. However there's no guarantee that a place will still be there by the time you submit your request. They're simply granted on a first come, first served basis.

Does my picture need to be seaonal?
No, far from it. Your picture can reflect any time of the year regardless of the month you agree to show it. That's not to say that you can't make your photo as seasonal/occasional as you'd like it to be. If you've a preference for a particular month, or special time of the year then do let us know. We're always happy to help.   

How many calendar events can I submit and does it have to be in the same month as my photo?
An event can be any announcement of a social gathering, group activity, special day, personal ad or promotion. You’re allowed a maximum of two events on the calendar for any time of the year which are only published as part of your POTM agreement.        

What do you mean by archiving and why should I agree to it?
Archiving means that your picture and links will be kept for future use as an example of a previous contributor.  As well as the chance of receiving an invitation to show one of your pictures again, there's also the possibilty of having your photo and link featured in the Photo of the Month Gallery after its run on the calendar.      

Do you offer any site support?
Other than credited photolinks, adding your events to the calendar and some watermarking, no further site support is given. So it’s up to you to provide a picture respectable enough to encourage visitors to know more about you as the photographer.

Can I request a calendar place on behalf of someone else?
No. You must be the actual photographer and owner of any picture shown. In cases of disputes regarding the ownership or authenticity of an entry it will be removed from the site and deleted immediately.

Terms subject to change without notice.
To request a place on the POTM Calendar please complete the following:

My picture is already watermarked. Thank you.
Please watermark my picture for me. Thank you.
My picture is unmarked and I would like to keep it watermark free. Thank you.


You're allowed two web links. One (or both) to your website, the other to any online location of your choosing, e.g. a social media account on Instagram, Smugmug, Twitter or Face Book. Copy and paste in the spaces below which links you'd like to see with your name and photo. If you don't have any links you will need to enter a valid email address or write the words "my email address" in the name and photo link boxes below.


Include any events you might have that you'd like to see in the ad-space below the calendar, e.g. birthdays, messages, meetings, anniversaries, holiday specials, weddings etc followed by their respective dates below.



No thanks, please delete all my details at the end of my calendar month.

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